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Welcome to Off-Grid Energy New Zealand. We are New Zealand’s trusted name in battery storage systems for your home, and our friendly team are here to help you to find the system that’s right for you. Buying a battery storage system for your home is a long term investment, and is relied on to power your property each and everyday. Finding the right quality components is the first step towards trouble-free power delivery. System design, sizing & programming are also integral to system reliability, seamless operation, and longevity. Off-Grid Energy New Zealand are specialists in off-grid and on-grid solutions both big and small, and our battery experts will provide you with a reliable power system for years to come.

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  • EY Entrepreneur 2014 Nominee
  • Alliance for Rural Electrification Member
  • Energy Storage Council Member
  • ATA Member
  • CEC Member
  • Fastest Growing Business Finalist

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Off-Grid Energy is New Zealand’s trusted provider of battery storage systems for both
grid connected and off the grid applications. We pride ourselves on friendly and lasting customer service,
sustainable business practices, expert knowledge, highest quality workmanship, and cutting edge technology.
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We have planted 1092* trees!

You too can have a carbon neutral battery storage installation!

Off-Grid Energy is a very proud supporter of Carbon Neutral. We purchase carbon offsets for all our installations to help reduce our impact on the environment. For more info on the work that Carbon Neutral does, please click here and go to the Carbon Offset Program tab.


*Trees planted are an estimate based on the total carbon offsets purchased. GIF via Tim Thomas.

The Off-Grid Energy New Zealand Advantage

Off-Grid Energy New Zealand systems have market-leading life expectancies, and begin with superior design. This is achieved through the following fundamentals:
Quality Only
It’s not wise to make compromises when you are energy independent. There is a world of difference in the quality of system components, so we ensure to only source the very best.
Expert engineering and design
Common issues with inferior off grid systems include poor sizing, mismatched equipment, non-compliant design, and unsafe installation – resulting in frustratingly insufficient or unreliable power, and a costly short system life. Our expert technicians will spend time with you to ensure these pitfalls are avoided.
AC coupling
Compared to other technologies, this type of system configuration increases efficiency, flexibility, and lengthens battery life.
Advanced Battery Management Technology
Our battery management systems are unparalleled. Many other battery storage systems have simplistic and crude battery health monitoring, resulting in a compromised system life. Our battery inverter systems ensure the batteries receive the right attention at the right time with pinpoint accuracy. Best of all, this complex hard work happens automatically.